"We had the boat on the lake for a 1/2 hour and it runs great. No more nasty clunk. Thanks for a job well done. The gang at Doug's are great. Last time I had my boat repaired I called a shop cloaser to my home and they refused to work on it as it is too old. I took it to another shop closer to me and he agreed to work on it and he had to rewire the motor and he had the boat from June 2 until Sept 28. Not going back there. This time I need repair I tried another place and they said due to age of the motor and and the fact that it sat in the shed for 5 years it was "Junk" and not worth fixing. Next stop was Doug's, 100 miles from my home and they were willing to work on my outboard motor and got it done in a little over a week and it runs great. What a great bunch of folks at Doug's Anchor Marine. I hope I don't need you in the near future, but if I do I will be back. I would recommend you to everyone. Thanks again."

By: Jim Faulkton, SD

"Doug, After 5 days of fishing Mobridge the boat worked great. Lots of attention from other boat enthusiasts. It definately has the WOW factor. Thanks for everything and tell your staff they did a very good job on the setup and prep work."

By: Jim Overland Park, KS

"Ryan, Love the new boat. Got it out on the water yesterday for about 4 hrs of break in time. Still haven't tried any fishing, I think that is tonights plan. Thanks for all your help and getting it ready to go for me. Hats off to Doug's Anchor Marine for all of the extremely nice friendly helpful people that are there."

By: Robb, ND

"Working with Doug and his staff was a very easy and painless experience!! Thank you all!!!"

By: Anonymous, SD

"Doug Just wanted you to know, I finally had a chance to try out the boat and it worked perfectly. It was great to be on the water and I am very pleased with the boat and the after the sale service your team provided. Please pass on my thanks to Ryan, he did an outstanding job! He also apologized several times for the trouble we had, as did you, and it tells me that you guys are a team and all of you care about the customer. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer!!!"

By: Anonymous, SD

"A 'Skeeter' customer called the other day just furious with us, On the first trip to lake, his buddy offered to pay for the first tank of gas. But the gas tank wouldn't fill, gas sprayed all over, and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. Well you could say, 'WE' paid for the first tank of gas. He said he has NEVER bought a new boat that came with a full tank of fuel. He was just amazed! What a great problem to have!!!"

By: Reva, SD

"We purchased a used Crestliner boat from Mel at Dougs Anchor and Marine over the internet. When we went and picked up the boat it was just as clean as represented and maybe better. I was very pleased with the boat and the experience."

By: Anonymous, NE

"Thank you for everything Doug. The boys in the shop took good care of the boat last Friday. You have a great bunch of people working for you!"

By: Anonymous, SD

"Mel & Reva My family and I wanted too thank you guys and your organization for the wonderfull experience we had while picking up our new boat. It was just as advertised and plus more. Your sales staff was very helpfull and answered every question that I had. My son and daughter have already packed their lucky poles and tackle boxes and are anxiously awaiting the fishing opener. If we have luck we will send pictures. I have already referred another customer too you guys and will send as many poeple your way."

By: Jeff, ND

"Mel, I just wanted to send another thank you for allowing me to park this last weekend, and also for everything you guys have done over the past year. It is great customer service when you can walk into a company and they know your name, boat, details of the boat, motor, etc., etc.! Hopefully, i'm not an isolated case because of my return trips? :) In any case, thanks again. It's worth it to me to drive 100 miles to know that I can trust those working on my boat. You will always get my future business and I wouldn't hesitate to refer others to you as well."

By: Terry, SD