Sea-Legs Boat Lifts

Sea-Legs Twin Tube (for Two-Tube Pontoon Boats)

  • Two heavy duty hydraulically operated lift modules provide up to 5,800 pounds of lift capacity
  • Constructed of extruded aluminum alloy tubing and angled to provide strength and corrosion resistance
  • Two large 18"x48" pads support the pontoon on lake bottom
  • Four hydraulic cylinders with steel alloy piston rods supply lifting power
  • Single 1 hp pump tucked neatly under a seat activates the hydraulic cylinders
  • Pump features an automatic shut-off alarm system to signal that the legs are fully retracted
  • Sea-Legs lifts are operated by either remote control or directly via toggle switches located near the pump
  • In retracted position, legs tuck neatly within 5 inches of pontoon deck; works with any pontoon trailer, no drag while in water
  • Total weight added to boat approximately 340 pounds, evenly distributed
  • No drifting, no anchors, no banging against the dock
  • Two-year limited warranty
Sea-Legs Boat Lift

The Sea-Legs Canopy Offers Even Greater Boating Fun and Convenience

  • Comes standard with Deckmateā„¢ fabric in one of three standard colors: forest green, grey, or white (optional colors available)
  • Also available in vinyl
  • Eliminate the hassle of playpen covers
  • Lightweight yet durable all-aluminum construction
  • Easy to assemble, easy to store
  • 8 inch augered posts secure canopy in high winds and rough water
Sea-Legs Boat Lift